KITRI Spotlight: Amuse La Bouche

KITRI Spotlight: Amuse La Bouche


Meet our creative, intelligent and simply brilliant friends who inspire KITRI in every single way.
Amuse La Bouche x KITRI Campaign Launch Image
We're so pleased to announce our first ever homeware collection in collaboration with London-based independent sustainable homeware label Amuse La Bouche.

Taking inspiration from our new Summer 22 collection, the homeware capsule stays true to the KITRI aesthetic, featuring signature bright colours and prints. Retro bright stripes and swirls with feminine details in the form of Amuse la Bouche’s signature ruffled edges come in two-sided designs offering diversity to your tablescape or seating.

We caught up with Amuse La Bouche to chat all things ALB x KITRI, sustainability and the great indoors. 

We’d love to know a bit more about Amuse La Bouche and your story so far...
Amuse La Bouche was started in lockdown 2020, it gave me a rare moment - as I think a lot of people found - to start being creative again. This is when I started experimenting with sewing fabrics in my living room and the first ALB napkin came to life.

We’re so pleased to be collaborating with you for KITRI’s first homeware collection. What made you want to collaborate with us?
Me too! It's honestly so exciting for me as a new, small brand to be collaborating with such an inspiring, forward-thinking retailer. I really feel we have a very aligned ethos and aesthetic and the use of colour is so important for me which I think comes through in this collection. I love that the worlds of fashion and homeware are colliding…there’s no stopping us!
What’s most important for you to consider when collaborating?
A synchronicity in ethos is super important when maintaining both brands’ identities. I think it’s important to create something fresh and new from what’s already in, as well as loving it yourself and wanting to buy it all!

What elements of our Summer Collection that inspired your designs?
The bold, geometric prints really inspired me, as well as the brave use of colour. This helped spark new ideas for me and push ALB’s aesthetic onwards and upwards.
Amuse La Bouche x KITRI Collection launch
Sustainability is something that’s an integral part of the Amuse La Bouche identity – KITRI’s too! What tips can you give for furnishing your home with minimal impact?
I think using natural materials wherever possible is key as well as choosing things that you love and that aren’t just what’s trending so they have longevity in your home.
We’ve all spent a lot of time indoors over the past few years. Do you think our relationship with our homes has changed and what we fill them with?
Yes definitely. I think there has been a real positive shift towards thinking about our homes. I think more like fashion, people are now using their spaces as a display of character and a show of personality. I love the idea that your home is a curation of your lives and travels. We appreciate now more than ever that our spaces affect our mood and wellbeing so we want to elevate these as much as possible.
We’re so excited to launch the collection. Do you have a favourite piece?
I love, love, love the Floral Swirl Cushion Coverit feels so unique and a real move on. I adore the idea of having a dinner party and dressing to match my table, maximalist dressing and table-scaping combined!

What’s next for Amuse La Bouche?
It’s such an exciting time at the moment, I have grand plans to expand into more product areas and will be introducing prints into the range. I hope to continue to spark joy and brighten up our homes with colour! 
Thank you for chatting with us ALB, we can't wait to see what you get up to!

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