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We had a chat with three of our creative #KITRIgirls, Zeena Shah, Hannah Robinson and Fanny Leblond, about their work-from-home routines, how they are keeping their creativity alive and their spirits high during the unusual times we are currently adjusting to!

How are you keeping your spirits lifted at this strange time?

“I’m a really positive person but even I’ve felt pretty down in the dumps about our current situation, it’s impossible not to. Instead of focusing on all the things that are out of my control I look to how I can make a difference, who I can reach. For me it’s about bringing joy to just one person everyday via my Instagram or picking up some food for our neighbour. Be it through a colourful outfit crafty tutorial or a simple direct message, if I can make a difference that way then that keep me lifted.”
FANNY: “I make myself to-do lists and set myself challenges, I also love cooking and sport. I stay mentally active by reading and re-reading! And if by chance the sun comes out, I never leave my deckchair!”
HANNAH: “My biggest thing is trying not to feel guilty. I think taking the pressure of yourself to feel a certain way is really important, none of us have ever done this before so if bingeing Netflix all day is all you achieve - that’s ok! I’d fully recommend Tiger King, a bizarre but very entertaining watch!”

Zeena wears the Mika Mint Jumpsuit

What are your top tips for staying creative?

ZEENA: “We’ve all got the luxury of time at the moment, so I’d suggest setting a dedicated creative night to switch things up again. I’m sure lots of us will already be doing games night and regular Facetime with friends - why not have a group crafternoon at the weekend? I’m working on my embroidery with a kit from Stitch School and knitting with Wool and the Gang. There are lots of free tutorials online to choose from too. Another favourite is colouring in. It’s so wonderful for the brain and for slowing down any negative thoughts.”

FANNY: “Stay active on Pinterest and Instagram networks, write down your ideas so you don't forget them. I like to watch videos and artistic documentaries on designers, there are lots of very good ones on Netflix.”

HANNAH: “I'm used to purely shooting outside so finding areas of the flat to shoot in has become somewhat of a challenge! Using mirrors and light as well as playing around with interiors has been keeping me creative! Also playing around with nail art - everyone can have a go and there’s endless inspiration to be found on Pinterest.”

Hannah wears the Laurie Pink Oversized Blazer and Lynn Pink Tailored Trousers

PJs or getting dressed? What are your go-to looks for working from home

ZEENA: “I love both equally, so this is a tricky one. I think it’s super important to get yourself out of loungewear mode during the say so get up and get dressed. Once you’ve finished your day change back into your comfiest. It helps switch my mind from work to rest mode.”
FANNY: “Get dressed! Feeling prepared keeps me motivated, I can’t motivate myself if I’m not showered and dressed. I feel it’s important to keep your sense of style, even at home. I like being at home, but I am yearning for my social life!” 
HANNAH: “I’m definitely a PJs girl - but I have found getting dressed and putting on a bit of make-up has been lifting my mood and making me feel a bit more ‘day ready’. So, I’ll be trying to balance it out a bit more going forward!”


We'd love to hear how you're all looking after yourselves while at home. Stay in touch with us via social at @kitristudio