KITRI Spotlight: Abbie Roden

KITRI Spotlight: Abbie Roden

amie is a wine for friends, by friends, dreamt up during the first Covid-19 lockdown by husband and wife, Abbie & Will Sandbach. amie, meaning 'female friend' in French, is all about sharing (it's also our tipple of choice for this year's holiday dinner tablescape!)

We caught up with amie founder, Abbie, to find out more about amie's philanthropic initiatives, how she will be spending the holidays - and what she will be wearing...

We’d love to know a bit more about amie and how you went about starting the brand!
We dreamt up amie—which in French means ‘female friend’—during lockdown, a time when we craved nothing more than to see our friends. It all started with a text from my husband, Will, that said 'come downstairs, I have a plan.' I totally thought we were going on an afternoon walk, and was definitely not expecting him to say 'let's create a rosé brand.' 6.5 weeks later we had launched amie.
Our main priority when building out the strategy for amie was that we wanted to create something that could help us give back -- our immediate thought was charity: water, as Will and I have both read Scott Harrison (charity: water Founder)'s book THIRST (highly recommended to everyone!), and charity: water holds a special place in our hearts. We are so thrilled that for every @drinkamie order we receive, we donate £1 to @charitywater, so by drinking amie, together we can give water. We have raised over £10K, which means we have raised enough to start building our own amie well.

What has been your biggest challenge and greatest success so far?
Logistics were a challenge; we had to do all communication via Zoom and have the samples sent to us, when normally we would have gone to France to taste the wines and do the meetings in-person. Highlights: bringing joy to people with a fun new brand, all about friendship, during a time that was pretty grim! Our rosé sold out in 7 weeks which was a huge surprise and definitely a highlight that it was so well received!

How are you preparing for the festive season? Will you be out-out this year, or keeping it cosy at home?
Both! I have a lot of festive dinners and events on my calendar, but also can't wait to totally switch off and head home to Kentucky on December 12th. Then we'll be back in England for Christmas, cozy in the countryside by the fire!

What are your favourite styles from KITRI Winter Collection? Where will you be wearing them over the festive season?
I'm loving so many of the dresses - so perfect for festive dinners and Christmas Day! The Zip Collar Sweater looks SO dreamy and perfect for cosy evenings at home, drinking amie by the fire!

What’s up next for amie?
We have something very exciting happening next Spring... watch this space!

Discover more at / @drinkamie

Abbie's Edit

Persephone shirred pink sungod dress Rachel black jacquard mini dress Anika green malachite print trousers
Persephone Shirred Pink Sungod Dress
Rachel Black Jacquard Mini Dress
Anika Green Malachite Print Trousers
Rory color block sweater Molly pink checked dress Persephone retro star print dress
Rory Colour Block Sweater
Molly Pink Checked Dress
Persephone Retro Star Print Dress
Maryam green lurex v-neck knit cardigan Apollo Retro SStar Print PJ Trousers Mila red cotton velvet overshirt
Maryam Green Lurex V-Neck Knit Cardigan
Apollo Retro Star Print PJ Trousers
Mila Red Cotton Velvet Overshirt

Win a case of amie 🍷 to ring in the New Year and a £100 KITRI gift card (that's your NYE outfit sorted too 😉)

Bottoms up!



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