KITRI Spotlight: Puno Puno

KITRI Spotlight: Puno Puno


Meet our creative, intelligent and simply brilliant friends who inspire KITRI in every single way.

Meet the amazing Puno Puno, the face of our Jersey collection, bonafide #KITRIgirl and founder of ilovecreatives, a good-vibes community for creatives looking to expand their digital skills through fun and engaging 'edutainment'! We spoke to Puno about business, inspirations and one of our favourite cities. Puno's a woman you'll definitely wish you could spend time with - we do!

We’d love to know a bit more about what you do and what inspired you to start ilovecreatives...

So, in 2015, I made ilovecreatives. It was a place for creative slashies like myself to connect and share our happenings, jobs, events, services. It was like a Craigslist for creatives.

At the time, I was bootstrapping (aka self-funding) with freelance Squarespace web design work. I needed to hire a junior designer, so naturally I posted a job on ilovecreatives.

I got a ton of applicants, but unfortunately, not everyone was quite what I needed. It was a bummer because all of these people wanted to do this job, but where would you learn how to do this? I was super hesitant to get into the online education world, but realized that I just need to make something I would pay for. I ended up hiring a video editor, added gamification, created a 3D world, shared every single resource I ever used as a freelancer (eg, emails, estimate rates, and a ton of code snippets). It was a lot, but comprehensive and really everything you need to get started.

Fortunately, over 1000 people thought the same thing and since then we've pivoted ilovecreatives to edutainment. While we still have our job boards and creative profiles, we added a huge component that was missing — a place to thrive, vibe and learn!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I try my best to start with a cup of coffee, a little reading, and put on my cat eye. Depending on the day, it's either a full day of calls or a full day of work. And then... Fridays I try to just make content and play!

Puno wears the Imogen Pink Dip Dye Organic Cotton Sweatshirt and Blake Pink Dip Dye Organic Cotton Joggers

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced since launching your business?

Trying to grow the business and balance cash flow 😂. As a bootstrapped lifestyle business, you want to do all the things, but there's a finite amount of time and money so you gotta pick and then patiently wait to get things done.

How have things changed for you since the pandemic this year?

I don't drink and eat way more vegetables.

Is there a moment that you have been most proud of?

I really savor the small moments. Anytime a student tells our team that we've helped them grow and build confidence, I straight up cry at my desk. Hero Queer Eye tears, of course.

Puno wears the Lola Lemon Dip Dye Organic Cotton Sweatshirt and Blake Lemon Dip Dye Organic Cotton Joggers


Who inspires you?

Love the everyday heroes. Honestly, this question always trips me up, but if I think about what I watch, read, listen to — it's always about everyday people... and Michelle Obama.

What motivates you?

Being able to see an idea come to life. The process is so interesting to me. You get to make all these different decisions and eventually they become your interpretation of your idea at that moment of time.

When you have some downtime, how do you like to relax and reset?

I absolutely love going to the flower market with Hanna and doing a lil photoshoot with Muad'Dib. We have to be "calm on set" or MD won't feel comfortable so the whole atmosphere is super chill.

Puno wears the Frankie Pink Tie Dye Organic Cotton Zip Up Sweatshirt

We love LA and wish we could spend more time there. What do you love most about LA and where are your favourite places?

Every neighborhood has its own style. I still don't feel like I know know LA. However, I love where I live right now — 9th and Santee by Broadway. I can walk into any store or restaurant and strike up a conversation with neighbors or people who work there. It really feels like a community over here.

How would you describe your style?

Grandma chic.

We loved working with you to photograph our jersey collection! What are your favourite pieces?

The yellow ombre set is super cute! But I also lovvvved Frankie, the little pearl zipper angel ♥️

Finally, what’s up next for you?

Working on a few new courses for ilovecreatives — Photoshop, Personal Finance, and a Video Extension with That'sChic. As well as a podcast for Freelancers! 🙌🏼

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