KITRI Spotlight: Lauren Mahon

KITRI Spotlight: Lauren Mahon


Meet our creative, intelligent and simply brilliant friends who inspire KITRI in every single way.

Meet the inimitable Lauren Mahon, founder of GIRLvsCANCER, survivor and all-round awe inspiring #KITRIgirl. We spent an afternoon with Lauren, talking all things life, work, self-care and living for the moment. We’re sure you’ll be as inspired by her as we are... 

We are so inspired by your story and journey following your breast cancer diagnosis in 2016. What was your mission behind GIRLvsCANCER?

My mission behind GIRLvsCANCER was that any future Laurens would know where to turn if cancer were to hit the fan so to speak. You can't be what you can't see, and I know that what I needed was to see like-minded kick-ass young women making cancer their b*tch - so I created a community of them :)

I also wanted to change the dialogue around the disease, talk about it like it's Eastenders because by normalising the cancer convo we tackle the taboo and create a better understanding and an increased awareness. I also want my peers to know their bodies better than they know the lyrics to Drake's Hotline Bling so that should anything change from their normal they'll notice and get checked pronto.

What are you working on for the future of GIRLvsCANCER? Your new campaign #BeMoreJack is about to launch, we’d love to hear more about that and how our community can support this…

The future of GIRLvsCANCER is looking bright! It's been a rollercoaster couple of years and last year especially was divine chaos but it saw the business win some serious accolades and earn its stripes. This year I'm looking to level up the website and social media channels by hiring - hooray for an actual infrastructure. Also have some cool community initiatives and out of this world brand collaborations in the mix. Oh, and a TV series about the inception of GIRLvsCANCER has been optioned too! It's all systems go.

The #BeMoreJack campaign is a two-piece collection in memory of a dear friend of mine, Jack Morgan, who sadly died owing to his diagnosis at aged just 22 years old. However, pukka pieces of merch were never going to be enough to do a man like Jack justice... 

Jack and I would often chinwag about survivor’s obligation. How ultimately in life following a trauma it's our duty in life to live full lives we can be proud of and to help others. Simply because we have the capacity to. So my aim is not only to shift stock (which will be raising funds for the North London Hospice) but more importantly to bring Jack's thirst to drive support and optimism to the masses with a call to action for kindness.

Last week I launched the #BeMoreJack Pledge and I would be absolutely overjoyed if you'd accept my invitation to #BeMoreJack this Leap Day. To make a pledge to make this extra day of the year count. For Jack. For all those who aren’t here to do the same.

How can we get involved?

On this extra day of the year you can commit to undertaking actions big or small. It may be to Be More Brave… and book in for the check-up you’ve been avoiding (or skydive, whatever tickles you). It might be to Be More Generous… and donate a few hours of your time volunteering. Or even to Be More Sassy… by finally asking THAT person out on a date.

The hope is that on February 29th 2020, this collaborative call to action will see a nationwide surge of acts of kindness and positive impact.

On your social media channels right  N O W.

Pledge to #BeMoreJack ahead of Saturday 29th February 2020 and challenge others to do the same by tagging them. Be sure to document yourself undertaking your pledge on Leap Day.

Tag @GIRLvsCANCER, @itsme_jmo and use the campaign hashtag #BeMoreJack as well as the person(s) you have nominated to pledge. 

What an amazing cause. Team KITRI are thinking up their pledges as we speak x

What does a ‘normal’ day look like for you?

Honestly it is sooooo varied but it usually starts with me getting up around 8am and banging out some emails in bed before heading to yoga. Then I'll come back and shower then head off to meetings before finding a spot to co-work with pals so that I don't lose the plot being solo indoors. Then I'll usually head home or out for dinner, I'm a right sociable one, so by the time I get home I'm ready to hit the duvet. I’ll usually catch up with my fave trash TV in bed about 10pm and try to be asleep by midnight. 

How do you take care to look after your health alongside your hectic work and social life?

It's noticing my red flags. I know now that feeling overwhelmed is my biggest trigger so I try to create space in my day or working schedule where I can. Exercise is key with me - I’m not rigid with it, I do what I can when I can, but I can defo feel it when I haven't done anything for a few days. I'm also fortunate enough to pay for private therapy which really helps to work through my trauma and keep tabs on triggers through my work. The past year in particular I have been using crystal healing and moon ritual as part of my self-care.

We were fascinated to chat to you about crystal healing! Can you tell us a bit more about that?

I met the incredible Wolf Sister at Stylist Live in 2018 and finally got to understand how crystal visualization works then booked into a few of her moon and crystal workshops. I started to feel a lot calmer and more aligned by holding space for myself this way. 

I'm massively into the divine feminine and it blows my mind how the patriarchy has created a society in which women aren't seen as the goddesses they are. WE CREATE BLOODY LIFE. From our bodies. And then rear children from our bodies too. It's actual magic. The cruellest trick played on humankind was tricking us into thinking women are lesser than. They are literal life.

Monthly moon ritual and manifestation has allowed me to become attuned and focused. Proper game-changer.

 Who inspires you?

 I'm obsessed with my sister; she is the most nurturing and bad-ass babe out there and the most incredible Mother. I'm so into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez too, she is major. And Lizzo. She should rule the world.

We love your KITRI edit and how you have styled your favourite pieces. How would you describe your personal style and what did you love about the pieces you have picked?

I'm very androgynous with my style, I like boyfriend fit clothes and comfort. I like to style more feminine dresses down with chunky boots and trainers to give them an edge. I don't do pretty. I do sexy cool.  


Lorelle Daisy Print Midi DressMichelle Black Vintage TopDegas Jacquard Midi DressSylvie Floral Polka Dot Shirt Dress, Courtney Navy Belted Blazer, Angela Green Check Top, Marla Cropped Flare Trousers


Thank you for chatting with us Lauren!


Lauren Mahon


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