KITRI Spotlight: Bianca Foley

KITRI Spotlight: Bianca Foley


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To celebrate Earth Day 2023, we are delighted to chat with #KITRIgirl and multi-hyphenate powerhouse Bianca Foley! 
After starting her content creation journey 12 years ago, Bianca is now a presenter, writer, host of her own podcast Sustainably Influenced and Sustainability Consultant.
We sat down with her to chat about how she combined her love of fashion with sustainable practices, her hope for the industry moving forward and tips for fellow #KITRIgirls who want to be more considerate shoppers. 
Podcaster, Writer, Content Creator, Sustainability Consultant… What inspired you to align your creative passions with sustainability?
I wear so many hats haha! I have been a content creator for 12 years now.  I started way back when blogging was still the thing to do! I have always loved fashion and writing and then Instagram came along and over the years I hated the feeling of having to post “new” all the time.  I started my own business 9 years ago, back before I knew what sustainability even was. I focussed on creating a capsule wardrobe and had a very limited number of pieces available.  For me, conscious consumption was a natural progression. I had gotten to an age where I was confident in my style and was thinking about things past outfits and nights out and wanted to buy things that I really loved and would last me a really long time.

We love listening to your podcast at KITRI HQ! How would you introduce your podcast Sustainably Influenced to a first-time listener, and what made you want to start it?

Sustainably Influenced is dedicated to exploring sustainable living, environmentalism, and conscious consumerism. It focuses on positive, actionable steps that listeners can take to make a difference.  I like to use engaging and thought-provoking conversations to help listeners discover ways to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives, and gain a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges we face as a society. 

I started it back in 2019 with one of my best friends Charlotte Williams as a means to educate ourselves about the minefield of sustainability.  After holding a sold out event by the same name, we quickly realised that there was a community of people who wanted to know more…and so the podcast was born! 

What does sustainable fashion mean to you now?

 I get asked this question a lot, but I tend to give a different answer every time.  I think fundamentally it means buying better.  You don’t have to buy into every trend or buy a new dress for every occasion.  Consume in new ways. You can rent, borrow from a friend, attend clothes swaps and buy second hand as opposed to always buying new.  Alternatively, it’s about asking the right questions of brands.  Ahead of Fashion Revolution Week (22nd - 29th April 2023), begin to check labels, look at the composition of your clothing and ask #WhoMadeMyClothes. 


Bianca wears our Pia Picnic Check Dress


What would you like to see fashion brands doing more of in 2023?

There's a lot of work to be done in the fashion industry. I'd love to see more transparency and accountability from brands when it comes to their environmental and social impact, as well as more investment in sustainable materials and production methods. I’d love to see workers' rights and fair labour practices become a priority; and to shift away from the fast fashion model that values quantity over quality. 

What do you consider before purchasing a piece of clothing?

I ask lots of questions about products and check a brand's eco credentials - however the most important question I ask is “Do I need this?” 9 times out of 10 its a no. But if I really can’t stop thinking about it and it is something I know I will love forever, then I will get it! 

How would you describe your personal style?

I think I would say I yo-yo between a super classic style to colourful and quirky! It really depends on the weather and my mood haha.

How important is it to express yourself and your personality through your fashion choices? 

So important! Your clothes speak volumes. People make judgements on who you are based on what you wear so its important to dress in a way that feels like “you”.

As you know, it’s Earth Day on 22nd April. Do you have any tips for any #KITRIgirls reading this who would like to make more eco-conscious fashion decisions?

I would say to prioritise quality over quantity. As you replace items in your wardrobe, try to invest in high-quality pieces that are timeless and versatile, and focus on building a capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched. It's also important to consider the materials and production methods used in the clothes you're buying, and to look for brands that prioritise sustainability and ethical practices.

Follow Bianca @biancaffoley & listen to Sustainbly Influenced.

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