Who is KITRI?

Who is KITRI?


She's the feisty and wilful heroine of the ballet Don Quixote. When her father Lorenzo tries to marry her off for money, she doesn’t play the victim, but hatches a plan to marry Basilio, the charming barber who has won her heart, and pursue her own version of happiness. As a role, Kitri is athletic and demanding. No damsel in distress, Kitri wears striking red costumes and gestures expressively with a fan in a nod to her Spanish heritage. 

Here at KITRI, we are lifelong admirers of the ballet, from the magic and artistry of costume design and lighting, to the power of stories on stage expressed through movement. So when we envisioned our customers and named our company, it was only natural to look to the bold, elegant and playful Kitri, who encapsulates the wonderful women we know who inspired us to create clothes that would fit their exciting, demanding lives.  

(Also, it just so happens that our Founder Haeni danced as Kitri in her first solo role - we have yet to persuade her for a studio performance but we’re working on it.)

We have also chosen to honour the men and women of the ballet with the names of our pieces. Our Petipa Lace Dress, for example, pays homage to Marius Petipa who choreographed the original production of Don Quixote for the Bolshoi Ballet in 1869. The Misty Pinstripe Jacket Dress  honours the graceful and groundbreaking Misty Copeland.

Explore our ballet inspired collection of tops and dresses. Featuring ballet blush pinks, elegant frills and graceful silhouettes. 



Words by Cassie Kull 

Image credit: Unknown

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